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Monoworld Group is a leading recycler of Plastics, Metal, Cardboard and Paper in the United Kingdom, with the requisite infrastructure to reintroduce the recycled material back into the manufacturing supply chain. 

Who we are

Monoworld Group provides an integrated recycling solution for all forms of UK commercial and domestic plastic, paper cardboard and metal waste. Monoworld Group has shown dramatic organic growth with the introduction of some of the most sophisticated recycling technology.

The company operates extensive recycling and re-processing, supplying raw materials to some of the most modern, cost-effective manufacturing companies internationally. We are dedicated to the sustainability of our environment, our customers and our suppliers.

If you are looking for recycling solutions, drop us a message or give us a call.

What we do

Monoworld has been at the forefront of recycling all forms of plastic waste, including single-use plastic packaging, much before the plight of marine life due to plastic debris was revealed in the public arena.

We recycle various household consumer plastics such as bottles, pots, tubs, trays and films; household metal such as steel and aluminium cans; mixed paper and paper products.

Recycling of Single Use Plastic Packaging

In recent years, we have invested heavily into the UK recycling infrastructure with multi-million pound expenditure on automated sorting lines, hot wash facilities that can even handle food contamination and granulation facilities to turn plastic waste into an useable raw material.

Recycling of LDPE film

Our LDPE film line (Plastics Recovery Facility) has the capacity to process 55,000 tonnes per annum of mixed LDPE commercial & household packaging film waste. Using NIR (Near Infra Red) optical sorting technology, material is segregated, all contaminations sorted and baled by polymer type and colour. This sorted material is then granulated, washed and made into LDPE Recycled granules.

Recycling of Other Materials

Alongside producing a range of specified recycled plastics, Monoworld Recycling also produces sorted Aluminium and Steel Used Beverage Cans and various grades of paper and card (including OCC, Mixed Paper, News and Pams etc.) all to a quality suitable for processing in UK foundries and mills.

Why Monoworld for Recycling?

Sustainability! Ever since China and many other locations ceased taking UK recyclable waste, the market for recyclables has been in turmoil.

Monoworld has invested heavily in UK domestic recycling facilities to ensure a sustainable home for your plastics, metal, card and paper; 


We recycle commercial and domestic plastic waste in the UK. This includes films, bottles, PTT (pots, tubs and trays), EPS etc.


We recycle LDPE film packaging.


We sort and recycle mixed metal cans, cardboard and paper.


We handle mixed loads of all materials mentioned above.


We provide collection for all waste material.


We provide competitive prices & secured payment.

Our Environmental Commitment

At Monoworld Group, we are dedicated to reducing our impact on the environment and providing a sustainable future to our customers and suppliers by providing a cost effective UK recycling.

Need more information?

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