About us

Monoworld Group provides an integrated recycling solution for all forms of UK commercial and domestic packaging waste (including plastic recycling, cardboard and paper recycling and the recycling of Steel and Aluminium used beverage cans).

Our Beginnings

Monoworld was established with very humble beginnings with 3 employees and has since grown organically, currently employing 120 staff across 3 recycling plants in the UK.

The company owns and runs integrated recycling sites across several central locations in Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire with over 1 million square feet of recycling and storage facilities. 

It has, over the years, firmly established itself as one of the largest independent plastics processing companies in the UK. Monoworld Group now provides total recycling solutions for all types of plastic waste, paper waste, steel, and aluminium waste.


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Traceability in Recycling Process


We are constantly monitoring trends, investing in new technology, assessing and reacting to changes in legislation and economic fluctuations.

Our vision is to:

  • Provide pioneering recycling solutions, which are fulfilled by well-managed, efficient processes, to maximise the value of waste as a resource.
  • Develop recycled polymers, of the highest quality possible, that can be used as a direct replacement for virgin polymers.
  • Develop our people and company to meet the demands of the industry.



We use advanced automated patented technology and operate fully integrated recycling facilities for household mixed plastics, household mixed metal cans, packaging films, cardboard and paper.

At Monoworld, we continuously strive to improve our efficiency, to increase yields and to embed the latest energy-saving initiatives. We do this by harnessing innovative systems, up-to-the-minute technology and by adopting new practices, we consequently reduce our environmental impact.

We recycle all our waste by-products and use the most sophisticated systems to monitor the performance of our vehicle fleet and machinery, thus benefitting the environment and helping to cut costs.

We endeavour to recycle evermore challenging polymer types and to achieve a consistently high quality across our product range.


We regularly conduct training and  development programmes for our people to make sure they work safely and have all the support they need in terms of knowledge and skills in the role they are expected to perform.

At Monoworld, we are establishing market leading processing techniques to become the UK market leader by providing optimum recycling solutions and products for our customers. 

We proactively operate BSI ISO 9001 and regularly review and update our systems. We also have BSI ISO 14001, the environmental management standard, which is a key indicator of our environmental performance and are currently working to achieve ISO 45001 approval.

We are a registered waste carrier & conform to the duty of care. All our drivers are WAMITAB trained & hold a COTC certificate which ensures safe and efficient collections.


Sustainability is about meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations. We, as a society, have continued to mine and use our finite resources such as fossil fuels (oil and coal), rare earth metals and minerals.

Time for Change

Over the last few years, people and governments have started to wake up to this reality. Presently, the focus is on sustainability and the circular economy.

Stories about plastic waste in the oceans have been highlighted by David Attenborough and his Blue Planet II series by the BBC, which has led to a step change in thinking about plastics and particularly, plastic waste. Once an open market for recyclable materials, China has now effectively shut its doors to these materials.

Monoworld Group is proud to have pioneered the development of UK-based recycling infrastructure since inception and will continue to ensure that the future of UK packaging waste recycling is sustainable.


Our Promise

We endeavour to recycle challenging material, providing a UK based recycling solution; fully understanding customer requirements and delivering professional recycling service with attractive prices for the waste material.

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