We Buy

We buy a number of recyclable plastics, metal and paper waste for processing in our plants. Top prices paid. Secure and prompt payment.


Monoworld handles and processes all types of plastic waste. This can be from household and commercial packaging waste, production waste from manufacturers, redundant rigids or hard plastics.

Mixed Plastic Bottles

  • Mixed Bottles Loose
  • Mixed Bottles Baled
  • Mixed Pots, Tubs and Trays


  • Clear PE Film Bales
  • Jazz PE Film Bales
  • Mixed PE Fim Loose
  • Jazz PE Film Loose
  • Household PE Film 
  • Agriculture PE Film
  • Post-Industrial PE Film – Bales & Rolls
  • PE Rolls


  • Clear PET Bottles
  • Clear & Blue Tint PET Bottles
  • Coloured PET Bottles


  • Natural HDPE Bottles
  • Jazz HDPE Bottles
  • HDPE Drums Baled
  • HDPE Drums Loose
  • HDPE Regrind


  • PS Coat Hangers
  • Shredded PS
  • Baled PP
  • PP Bags
  • EPS Briquettes
  • EPS Baled

WEE Plastics

  • Mixed SDA WEE Plastic
  • Plastics from Television & CRT Equipment
  • ABS PS Plastic
  • Plastics from Fridges & PS Plastic
  • Other Plastics from Electronic Equipment

Flakes & Regrinds

(Injection, Blow Moulding and Extrusion Regrinds)

  • HDPE Regrind
  • PP Regrind
  • PET Flakes Regrind
  • LDPE Flakes Regrind
  • ABS & PS Flakes Regrind
  • PC Scrap 
  • PBT / POM Regrind
  • Nylon Scrap Regrind

Other Plastics

  • IBCs
  • Plastic Crates
  • Plastic Pallets
  • Production Waste


Monoworld has the capacity to sort and bale 40,000 tonnes per annum of mixed household cans including Aluminium used beverage cans (non-ferrous), steel cans (ferrous).


  • Loose Steel Drums
  • Baled Steel Drums

Metal Cans

  • Loose Metal Cans
  • Baled Metal Cans

Aluminum Cans

  • Loose Aluminum Cans
  • Baled Aluminum Cans


Our paper and card are sorted and baled by type and grade according to the EN643 European Standard. Monoworld facilitates the recycling of all grades of cardboard and paper, mixed or sorted. These include OCC, news and pams, sorted office waste, etc.


  • OCC Cardboard Bales


  • Mixed Paper
  • News and Pams
  • Office Paper

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