What we do

Using the latest technology, Monoworld Group operates its reprocessing plants in the UK as centres of recycling excellence. We add maximum value to recyclable material and consistently produce a high quality-product.

Our Services

We provide commercial and household waste management and total recycling solutions.

Waste Management

Monoworld follows a simple & highly efficient guide to waste management which delivers maximum value to its customers, resulting in increased levels of recycling & reduced disposal costs.

Collection & Recycling

Monoworld will collect and recycle products such as paper, cardboard, glass, any form of plastic, metal scrap. The waste is collected and transported to either of the 3 sites located in Sharnbrook (Bedfordshire), Rushden (Northamptonshire) and Wollaston (Northamptonshire) where materials are sorted, baled, washed shredded, granulation, plastics are melted and processed in house. Other materials are supplied to mills for melting and further recycling.

On-site Waste Management & Equipment

Monoworld can provide on-site waste management for customers who are seeking expertise in this area. The company will provide manpower, equipment, such as baling machines, fork trucks, sorting belts, on-site trailers, skips, containers, cages & manage the entire in-house operation.


Monoworld will identify materials which can be recycled. This can significantly reduce the amounts going to landfill. The company can also develop recycling for products which are contaminated, or materials which are difficult to handle. The company would also, working with the customer, develop a recycling action plan, which also allows for the recycling option to be feasible and practical.

Report & Statements for Materials Recycled

Both sites have on-site security monitored weighbridges, which are linked to a computerised fully integrated SAP customer stock control system. All Monoworld customers are provided with reports detailing dates, which products have been collected and recycled, the tonnages collected and the revenue generated for the waste, which can be linked to any of the customers reporting portals for live and paper free reporting.

Full Site and Business Waste Audit

Monoworld will carry out a site audit for its customers and produce a report on how various wastes are being handled & disposed and provide recommendations for improved waste management.

Materials We Recycle







Plastics Recycling

Monoworld sorts and processes all domestic packaging plastics (including PET water and soft-drink bottles, HDPE milk bottles, HDPE detergent bottles, LDPE film (bags, shrink wrap etc), PP pots, tubs and containers (e.g. butter and ice cream tubs).

We recycle the following materials.

  • LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene)
  • HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
  • PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)
  • PS (Polystyrene)
  • PP (Polypropylene)


Mixed Bottle Plastic Recycling

Monoworld operates one of the most advanced recycling plants in the UK. The Monoworld Plastic Recovery Facility (PRF) has the capacity to process 88,000 tonnes per year of mixed plastic bottles and plastic pots, tubs and trays (PTT). Our state-of-the-art recycling facilities perform a number of separation and sorting tasks to produce various streams of single material recyclates for additional processing. 

Most UK local authorities now operate a ‘co-mingled’ recycling service for household recyclable waste. Monoworld operates sophisticated modern equipment that uses Infrared and colour-sorting technology to automatically sort the majority of these materials.

Manual fine tuning and quality control ensure the highest quality plastic feedstocks are created for subsequent recycling processes. The main grades processed through the plant are HDPE, PET, PP and PS. We collect plastic waste predominantly from local authorities, supplier chain managers, waste management companies and large national supermarkets.

Plastics Wash and Recycling

Household rigid and packaging rigid contaminated plastics, HDPE bottles, PP pots, tubs, trays and PE/PP rigids are further processed in the plant to produce granules & flakes. The plant has the capacity to process 25,000 tons of waste materials annually

HDPE & PP rigid waste is reprocessed into HDPE Recycled granules & PP Recycled granules for supply into UK manufacturing, contributing to a circular economy and putting plastics packaging waste back into UK plastics manufacturing.

Film Sorting and Recycling

The film sorting and recycling facility has a capacity to process 55,000 tonnes per annum of mixed LDPE commercial & household packaging film waste. Using NIR (Near Infrared) optical sorting technology, material is segregated, all contaminations sorted and baled by polymer type and colour. This sorted material is then granulated and washed and made in LDPE Recycled granules.

The main grades processed through the plant are HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE and PP films. We collect predominantly from UK retailers, waste management companies and MRFs.

LDPE film waste is reprocessed into granules for supply into UK manufacturing contributing to a circular economy and putting plastics packaging waste back into UK plastics manufacturing.

WEEE Plastic Recycling

We can provide recycling of plastics derived from WEEE, such as:

  • Plastics from small domestic appliances SDA plastics
  • Plastics from TV, Computer, Satellite Boxes, and Telecoms equipment
  • Plastics from fridges

We recycle and produce ABS, PS, PP, and PE recycled flakes and polymers suitable to go
back into plastics for electronic manufacturing and going back into the circular economy.

Single Stream Rigid Plastics Recycling

Monoworld shreds and granulates large format single stream rigid plastic products to produce high quality plastic regrinds. The kind of products that we are able to process include: wheelie bins, plastic crates, plastic buckets, plastic pallets and pallet boxes etc.

Other Plastic Recycling

We collect & segregate various types of plastic wastes into high grade raw material for processing into plastic polymers.

  • Plastic shrink-wrap
  • Plastic tote bags, woven bags – PP BAGS Waste
  • Used plastic containers & drums – HDPE DRUMS Waste or HDPE IBC Tanks Waste
  • Used plastic crates, food trays – PP CRATES Waste or PP BUCKETS Waste
  • Plastic tape, rope, plastic banding and netting – PET or PP Strapping Waste
  • Plastic wheelie Bins & Recycling boxes – HDPE Bins Waste
  • Mixed plastics from household waste – Household bottles and packaging Waste
  • Mixed plastics from demolition & construction Mixed Rigid plastics Waste
  • Engineering polymer grade PMMA/ PC/ PA/ POM/ PBT/ & other Polymer grades


Metal Can Recycling

Monoworld sorts and prepares mixed metal cans from commercial and household waste streams. We recycle metal cans made from Aluminium and Tin/Steel.

Mixed Metal Can Recycling

Most UK local authorities now operate a co-mingled recycling service for household recyclable waste.

Monoworld Recycling facilitates the recycling of Mixed Metal cans by separating them into single streams of either Aluminium cans (predominantly used beverage cans) and Steel cans (mainly food storage cans used for baked beans, soups or tinned vegetables).

Our waste metal cans sorting and processing facility can process 40,000 tonnes of mixed household cans each year and ensures a closed loop recycling solution for UK packaging steel (tin cans) and Aluminium used beverage cans). 

UK Packaging Steel (tin cans) & Aluminium Cans UBC is supplied back into manufacturing and melting into new Steel and Aluminium products contributing to a circular economy and putting metal packaging waste back into the UK & European Metals manufacturing capabilities.

Cardboard and Paper Recycling

Monoworld sorts and prepares cardboard, OCC and paper from commercial and domestic waste streams and produces wastepaper grade as per EN643 standards.

Cardboard and Paper Recycling

Our paper sorting and processing plant can handle 45,000 tons of paper per annum. Paper / cardboard waste material is sorted and baled by paper type and grade according to European standard EN643. 

The sorted materials are:

  • Baled OCC & Baled Card
  • Baled News & Pams
  • Sorted Office waste
  • Multigrade Paper waste
  • News & Pams waste
  • Mixed paper Waste

The wastepaper grade produced as per EN643 is supplied into paper mills globally to convert back into new paper contributing to the Circular economy.

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